Thursday, October 6, 2011

Finally, a post!

I’m really disappointed that I haven’t posted more this week, since I had it all planned out and everything. I could use a lot more hours in the day!

I had planned to do a little wedding talk today, but I’m not really feeling it. So instead of talking about my own wedding, I’m going to talk about someone else’s!  P and I will be attending a wedding in a few weeks that will be in Cleveland, GA. (If any of you are Weddingbee folk- I am talking about Mrs. Skunk’s wedding). Cleveland is about 2 hours from where we live, and because we have to be there Friday for the rehearsal we are planning on staying in the Cleveland/Helen area both Friday and Saturday nights. 

If you have never been to Helen, GA…let me tell you…it is an experience. It’s this cutesy little mountain town that is styled in a Bavarian fashion. Mostly just souvenir shops, and full of tubers during the summer. Yes, people tube down the river that run through the area. I went tubing in Helen every summer as a kid. Looking back I can’t believe I did that- usually the water was too low and you ended up walking on sharp rocks most of the way- not to mention the abundance of water moccasins that dwell in that river. Just further proof that tourists are idiots.


Although the hotels are not that expensive, they are not pet friendly.  Now, we’re not the type of people that have to take our dog everywhere we go, but the only folks we know to watch our dog live south of Atlanta, which is in the opposite direction of Cleveland. So our only real option would be to board him. Unfortunately, we are the type of people who only board our dog where they have doggy daycare so he gets to play all day… the cost of which adds up quickly.

What all that means, basically, is that we won’t be staying in a hotel. Instead we are renting a cabin (the cheapest I could find) that is pet-friendly. I emailed several people off of VRBO, and everyone wanted to tell me how awesome their cabin is and how I’ll love the scenery (and all the fees they charge for staying there).  The problem with all that is we already live in the mountains! We’re just too far west for this particular occasion. We don’t need a mountain-get-away, we just want to be able to bring our dog with us. 


In the end I found a great place. It’s 200 for the weekend. No deposit, no pet fee, no cleaning fee. It’s in a central location- between Helen and Cleveland-and it’s a mile hike to a river (doggy will love that!). I’m trying to ignore the fact that we are now paying to vacation somewhere that is pretty much identical to where we live- and focus on how much fun we can potentially have. The wedding will be a blast I’m sure, and we’ll get to spend some quality time together exploring the wonder that is Helen. 

And to sum things up. Thank God tomorrow is Friday!! Ok, that is unrelated. But still. 


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