Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Rain Rain Go Away....for now

The weather has been super nasty these past couple of days. Typically I love rainy weather- but it just so happens that I’ve had plans that required a lot of driving, and although I love the rain I do not love driving it.

I made the most of it though. I met with a friend for dinner last night in the city. We went for pho. It was just perfect for the weather.

Then I went bowling with my brother and a couple of friends. We had a lot of fun- but I am exhausted today. I’ve gotten so used to being in bed by 10- so needless to say I am feeling a little run down today.

I also feel like I might be coming down with something. If anyone has suggestions on how to ward of colds- please share. I hope that’s all it is though- because I’ve known a couple of people to end up with the flu here lately. I really can’t afford to get sick because I don’t have much leave time from work.

I got rid of my car today. Another cost saving measure. Since P and I carpool- and he has a car and a truck- we just didn’t need 3 vehicles. And with the winter coming we really want to be able to park everything in the garage- it’s not safe in the driveway with all the snow/ice/falling trees. Hopefully it will work out, if not we’ll wait until spring and I’ll start looking at cheap leases. It just made since to get rid of my car while gas prices are down a bit- since it took premium (ick). I’m excited to not be paying that $300 a month for the payment/insurance. Yay for cash flow!

Alright, I’m going to pass out now -try to get a lot of sleep and avoid getting sick.

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  1. Try Emergen-C or Airborne for your cold - heavy doses of vitamin C!