Saturday, October 8, 2011

Apple-y Goodness


Let me start by saying that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE WHERE I LIVE.

Let me second that by saying when you Google images of "ellijay apple festival" the results include multiple pictures of a cougar and a picture of a chinchilla.

The Apple Festival is my all time favorite fall festival.All the orchards in the Blue Ridge area participate. The festival itself is in downtown Ellijay, but you can make your way to all the orchards and it's like a region-wide festival.

The day consisted of enjoying some delicious BBQ, some delicious cider and of course some delicious apples.

I restocked on my favorite ciders (Merciers apple and Merciers peach). I like to heat the apple in a crock pot and add a cinnamon stick or two, plus some vanilla and usually a healthy dose of rum. Great for study day- drink it all day long and I knew it was time to stop studying when I couldn't see straight anymore.

The peach cider I prefer cold with a little ginger ale.This combination I picked up from my favorite spa, Serenity in the Mountains. After a service they bring you a champagne flute of this cider/ale mixtures. It is heavenly. If you live in GA I highly recommend this spa. It's not the best location- but it is very reasonably priced, the interior is amazing, and the service is excellent. Just saying.

Okay, back on the topic.

The Apple Festival was awesome. AND, the Apple Festival means that it is time to start wedding planning/blogging!

That statement probably doesn't make much sense right now. But it will. Very soon. I promise.


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