Saturday, September 24, 2011

Festive Musings

A picture from last year's Riverfest, I didn't take any this year.

One of the top reasons that I love Georgia this time of year is that there are a multitude of fall festivals. Today I kicked off the 2011 tour d'festivals Riverfest. Riverfest is held right here in my home-county, and is an awesome arts and crafts festival. I found a lot of really awesome stuff- even though I didn't buy ANY of it. Haha. I don't have much spending money saved up yet. Among my fines were: several vendors who do homemade Jellies/Jams, a great apiary for honey (yay!), and an amazing artist who does sketches of local landmarks.

I am definitely interested in using local vendors for my wedding related purchases- and it's never too early to do research.

The artist is Chris McLaughlin. And I just love his work. I am planning to purchase a few pieces from him as holiday gifts, and I even have a special plan for incorporating his work into our wedding. But I'll give more details on that after the 1 year mark. Really, I am planning a lot of great wedding posts after 10/13/2010.

I hate that I didn't buy much today, but I also know I'll be seeing a lot of these same visitors at the other festivals I'm going to this year. 

Next weekend is the next closest festival- the Marble Festival in Jasper. The weekend after that is my FAVORITE festival- the Apple Festival. And there are so many more- seriously- the calendar I am looking at has 390 events in the next 4 months.

Do you have any good festivals where you live?

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