Saturday, September 10, 2011

Postal Musings

Another wasted day. At least it was one of my last (hopefully). I sat around most of the day waiting for my offer letter to show up. HR said they were sending it over night. At 6ish P went out into the garage and was picking up trash. Apparently UPS left the envelope in the garage. On the floor. Upside down. P thought it was garbage. Ugh. So frustrating.Thank God I found it.

Looks like I'll be getting a pretty standard benefits package. If I haven't mentioned yet, I'll be working for AIG (actually a subsidiary- but all the paperwork says AIG). I have very mixed feelings about this. Luckily I will be working in commercial insurance- which will be a lot easier for me than doing anything in the personal-insurance realm.

The weather here today was ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL. I got to enjoy a little bit of it from my marvelous front porch...

My porch doesn't actually look like this right now. It has two white rocking chairs where the two closest chairs are in the pic. On the other end there is only the swing, no other chairs. We also don't have any hanging plants...we tried the hanging ferns but I killed them in days (I have a black thumb). We do have a small little fall wreath and a door mat. That's really it though. This is my favorite part of our house and I'd like to make it more '"snuggle up with a book" friendly. Any suggestions? I need decor suggestions and hanging plant suggestions.

Later Gators (go Gators!),

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