Saturday, September 3, 2011

Musings of a Champion

Okay, so I'm not really the champion of anything these days, except maybe sleeping-in. But I did win my very first blog giveaway!! Jess over at A Mountain Bride had an Invitations by Dawn giveaway for a personalized self-inking address stamp. And I was the lucky winner! My stamp showed up in the mail this week so I have been randomly stamping things all over the house (sorry Waylon).

I added an address stamp to my wedding wishlist about the time I learned the existed, which was well before I was actually engaged. I was holding out on buying one until we were closer to the time of actually having to address things...which is good because I totally lucked out and won one! This is the style I chose....

                                                         (Invitations by Dawn)

I did have a little issue when it came time to order though. This particular style has the entire last name in the center- P's last name is 13 characters long- this style can only fit 12. One of the characters in his name is a space so I deleted the space (his last name is Van O********, I deleted the space between the Van and the O). I think it looks great, regardless of the missing space. I'd show you a pic of the final product- but I'd have to edit out too much so that you couldn't see our address and what not.

I'm excited to get to use the stamp- but should I not use it to address our STDs and invitations since it has me with his last name already? Or should I wait and use it after the wedding for thank you notes and what not? 


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  1. Congratulations! I think thank you cards. Then it's official!!