Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I feel human again!

Today was the big day. It was still pouring down rain when I woke up, but that did not deter me. I drove the hour to the salon to have my haircut. I had decided to go with a medium length cut, but still hadn't decided if I wanted to do a full bangs or just do layers. After talking it over with the stylists I decided against the bang. I've gotten bangs a few times over the past few years, and I always love them right after I get them...but it quickly goes down hill. The reason for this is two fold (1) I have a small forehead- so it's only a matter of weeks before the hair is in my eyes and driving me nuts and (2) my hair can be kinda oil- which affects my skin when bangs are in my face all the time- and I am nutso about keeping my skin clear.

Anyhoo- without further adieu- here is my new haircut!

I don't know why my pupils are so huge!

If you want to see the before pic just check out this post from last week.

I seriously felt 100% better when I left the salon. Nothing like a good haircut to lift your spirits. Big thanks to Kori at Joseph and Friends for always doing a great job!


  1. Hair cuts terrify me. I get one like every 15 months and I always have them hack it all off. Such drama. I like what you did. Good choice to not do bangs. :)

  2. Cute new do! Good luck with the growing-out process - I always hate it!