Wednesday, September 7, 2011

There's something you should know about me...


Really. I do. It is my absolute favorite time of year. Here are just a few reasons: pumpkins, indoor fires + snuggling, outdoor fires + smores, boots, scarves, HOLIDAYS, etc. etc.

But really the best thing about fall is that it's grand finale is CHRISTMAS.

This post is largely due to the fact that fall has descended upon us rather quickly in the peach state. Typically September is just...summer. But the tropical storm brought with it 60 degree weather. Now I know that the high temps will probably return soon- this has been a nice taste of fall. 

I've been all over pinterest lately swooning over innumerable holiday related things. I'm so excited for the holidays this year because for once I will not be in school/studying for finals. Yes, I am ignoring for the moment that I have to take the Bar in Feb. This post contains just a few of the goodies you can expect to see around my house this fall.